Center for Lyme Action Send Group Letter to Appropriators

In May 2020, Center for Lyme Action drafted 4 letters to support appropriations requests for Lyme disease.  More than 160 Lyme leaders, organizations, scientists signed the group letter that went to 2 different sub committees in the House and 2 committees in the Senate.

Here are the appropriations requests:

  • Fund the Kay Hagan Tick Act +$30M ($30M Total)
  • Increase Lyme Research Funding at the NIH +$59M ($93M Total)
  • Increase funding for CDMRP Tick-borne Disease Research Program +$5M ($12M Total)

And here are the signed letters of support from the Lyme Community to the committees:



WHAT TO DO NEXT.  If you are a Lyme leader — a Lyme organization, Lyme physicians, or Lyme researchers — please co-sign the letters.  

Forward your emails with the approval of support to info@centerforlymeaction.orgPlease include name, affiliation and city, state and zipcode.

We’ll compile the names and put the letter together.


DEADLINE:  Please forward your emails with the approval of support, including name, affiliation and city, state and zip code to by Wednesday May 20, 2020.

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